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Where does your inspiration come from?

In this era of rapid change, where do you look for innovative dental solutions?

My hope is that your answer will be MINEC (MegaGen International Network for Education & Clinical Research).

  Established in 2002, the journey of MINEC over the last 20 years has been to forge an open and active global network to allow the 3 million dentists worldwide to share their visions and solutions by facilitating mentorships, partnerships, and friendships. As a result, the ideas and inspirations sparked by such human-to-human interaction within the MINEC network have already triggered a whole range of changes and developments affecting all aspects of the dental profession, from groundbreaking research to new product development and superior patient care.

  Moving forward, in 2022, MINEC initiated the MEGA'MIND program with the purpose of identifying and nurturing new talented speakers for the worldwide stage. The first event already attracted 101 clinicians from 21 countries, who presented their clinical case solutions at competitive online national, continental, and final events. The 6 finalists were then invited to present in-person at the 15th MegaGen International Symposium held in Seoul, South Korea.

  This exciting success of the first MegaMind competition confirmed the need for and value of providing an open platform for clinical innovation and new talent. Therefore, MINEC is now excited to announce the opening of MEGA'MIND 2023.

  Let’s fast track the global development of top-quality dentistry by tapping into the brilliant treatment solutions and innovations yet undiscovered among the 3 million dentists worldwide.


  Let’s make that journey together with MINEC.

Thank you.

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